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Cycle Time between status changes


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Ability to better track cycle time between statuses not just start of project to completion of project. Track when the status is changed on the issue/task/project and across multiple statuses to show if users are meeting the SLA KPIs



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I would find this to be a very useful feature as well. Currently I export the status information out of Workfront into excel in order to calculate the status cycle time. Very inefficient!


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We've implemented various reports and dashboard views with the Entry Date and Actual Completion Date so we can eyeball the timing. It would be GREAT to have the system define how many days the project took and/or status to status time.


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Agreed! When a status is changed, it gets logged in the Updates with a timestamp, but this data is not accessible for reporting.

I have found the calculated field you can create to capture the timestamp of a status change:

IF(Status='INP',IF(ISBLANK({DE:Status Timestamp Custom Field}),$$NOW,{DE:Status Timestamp Custom Field}),{DE:Status Timestamp Custom Field}).

The problem with this equation is that it uses the $$NOW wildcard, which works great for status changes going forward, but does not work on past status changes. If you open the task after attaching the custom form, the timestamp for the past status change, gets logged as today's date ($$NOW), which is incorrect.

Please provide a way to capture status changes and then for users to retrieve that data for reporting. If you did this, it would be a powerful tool for putting metrics to processes. You can reduce the time of your process if you don't have the data to show where to improve.


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Thank you so much for contributing to this idea.

We fully understand the value this will bring to the table and would love to have a solution for it now, but we won't be able to do that in the upcoming 12 months. For that reason I am going to mark this one as Not Planned. We might revisit this in the future so we will make sure to provide additional updates as they become available.

Thank you again for your patience and contribution.

Kind regards,

Anna Asatryan

Product Manager, Workfront


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yes yes yes we need this! I need to see when tasks or projects are put On Hold and when they are moved to another status. This seems like something that should already be in a workflow system.


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In addition to this it would be nice if we could capture who changed the status. It is not always the Assigned individual that does it and it would be nice to be able to track who is doing what, when.