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Customize Projects Tab


Level 6


At the top of projects it would be helpful to be able to customize what you want to see to be able to add perhaps Project Sponsor, Latest PM updates notes - custom field. Sometimes people don't want to scroll through all the updates, so if the Project Manager could be identified in the system and either at the top or in the Updates you could go right to their updates - perhaps they are highlighted in red or there was an option - Latest PM Update and you click it and it takes you right to it in the updates? Thank you!





Hi @HeatherTu , For part of your request above....are you aware of the new custom header fields?  They may help you out. Check out the release notes: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/workfront/using/product-announcements/product-releases/relea...


The second part of your request would likely need to be vetted further if still desired. 


Level 2


Hi @ewanh - do you think it will be possible at some point to add custom header fields that are editable? For example, project sponsor can't be added right now since it is an editable field. Thanks!