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Custom forms that pull from remote datasource


Level 9


I'm sure this is a bit of a long shot but here goes.

I would love the ability to create my own custom form controls that I could tie to some sort of remote datasource. Imagine being able to build a form field that runs a lookup from a remote server to select from a list of values. This would have to have the ability to at least pass out the task object code and ID number to the remote data source as well.

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Level 3


Building on this:

As a Requestor using a Custom Form, I'd like to:

  • select field values from a list that is populated from external data sources, so I am picking from the most up-to-date values.
  • select a value for Field1 that dynamically narrows my available choices for Field 2, so I can enter form information quickly.
  • type ahead in a field and narrow down the list of remaining available values, so I can find my value quickly.