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Custom fields - Validation of entered values


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Description - Any validation possibilites for entered values into custom fields would be great.


Why is this feature important to you - At the moment there is no possibility to validate any entered values into fields. We cannot validate, if e.g. a valid email address, or url was entered, also for date fields it is not possible to define, e.g. that the allowed choices have to be after a specific date,...


How would you like the feature to work - RegEx would be fine


Current Behaviour - no validation


It is high time we include field validation in Workfront we could restrict users from inputting certain type of data/numerals. It makes data governance easier if validations are in place.


Per my stakeholders, it would be good to know what methods of validation will be allowed (specifically will it allow for pattern matching / Regex). If it's simply character limits / text / number / email address that may be a bit limiting.


@Yvonne Miaoulis, I agree!

Oh yes please, give us some GREP-like pattern matching!

At bare minimum it should be Excel-like pattern matching (see dates and numbers).


One of those people who actually uses GREP Styles in Adobe InDesign…


I would like to include not just a character counter but also the ability to limit the characters in any given field. I hope this gets included.