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Custom Email Notifications Per Project


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It would be marvelous to have the ability to create an email message that is specific to one project's tasks (not system-wide events, reminders, or notifications) that is sent to new task assignees.

Use case: Our Member Experience (MXP) team reviews member surveys and forwards them on to supervisors all over the organization for additional follow up and collaboration. Each week, MXP Analysts are tracking hundreds of these survey reviews in an Excel spreadsheet, sending an Outlook template email to the necessary supervisors, and collaborating with the supervisors via email. The assignment, tracking, collaboration, and reporting are all disparate and there is no clear visibility even just in the MXP Analyst team.

Our thought was to have the MXP Analysts enter a task for the supervisor's review, which would generate a customized email upon assignment (provides unique guidance and input specific to those tasks only), and have the supervisors reply to the email with updates so the Status Updates become the place of collaboration. We would not want to change the global, system-wide settings, just task assignment emails on one particular project.