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Create Toggle So that When a Proof Comment Is Deleted, The Corresponding Comment in Update Tab Should be Erased as Well


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Hi there,

I am hoping this enhancement request can somehow be implemented in Workfront.

At the moment when you make a comment in the Proofing Tool of a document, click save, and then delete the comment for one reason or another (you wrote the wrong thing, someone verbally stetted it, you missed a meeting where client direction changed, etc.), the comment STILL EXISTS in the Updates tab of said document. You have to manually delete the comment you wrote within the Updates tab (and that’s only if you have admin rights, I think).

I would love it if when you deleted a comment in the proofing tool, it would auto-delete in the Updates tab of the document itself.

Maybe a toggle could be added to a future release of Workfront that would allow users to have updates deleted from the Updates steam when a proof comment is deleted?

Thank you for your consideration.


Sara Enloe



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Up-voting this.

In the Legacy proofing tool, the deleted comment remained in the proof with the user's name plus date/time of the comment with a line through it. You couldn't open the comment, but you could at least see when the comment was made and compare it to the comment in the document's updates tab to reasonably assume that was the deleted comment.

In the new proofing tool, the deleted comment is completely gone from the proof. If you go into the Proof Details > Activity, you can see that a user deleted a comment plus the date/time to make the same reasonable assumption. But it seems a bit of a time-suck to have to go into yet another location to verify proof comments.

For our proofing use... We have users who reply to proof comments within the document's Updates tab rather than within the proof (generally only when that user's stage has already been locked so they are unable to reply within the proof). Then we have some users on a private proof stage, so their comments do not transfer to the document's updates tab. This means our team has to go to both the proof and the document's Updates tab to verify they've captured all comments/edits. And now with the new proofing tool they have to go to yet another place to verify a deleted comment.

Ideally, integration between the proof and the Updates tab would be complete and if a comment is deleted from a proof it would also be deleted from that document's Updates tab. But I'd settle for the comment remaining in the proof with the line through it as the Legacy Proofing had or some notation in the document's Updates that the comment has been deleted.


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Either automatically delete the update in the feed OR update the update to indicate that it was deleted (essentially a Reply to that update saying "This proof comment was deleted by [Name] on [Date]). Either way will avoid the confusion caused by zombie proof comments lingering in the update feed.




@SaraEn We are working on a new, native review/approval experience directly within Workfront and having comment syncing between the viewer and the update stream will be part of that effort. You will see some progress on this the second half of 2024.