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Compare Interactive Proof versions / Keep each version of an Interactive Proof static for historical purposes


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Description -

Workfront provides functionality to compare static proofs side by side with each other. Workfront also provides the ability to see the previous version of the proof.


There's no equivalent for any of this in interactive proofing/Desktop Proofing Viewer. 


Current Behaviour -

There is no way to compare --side by side-- what an interactive proof USED to look like vs what it looks like now.

It is also annoying/confusing how you can add one (or multiple) markups to one snapshot but if you return to that snapshot later, you can't add more markups without generating another snapshot.

Additionally, each snapshot is only part of the whole picture -- literally allowing you to take something out of context.

Lastly, when clicking to open an interactive proof, there's no way to see the previous version.


How would you like the feature to work -

1) When marking up an interactive proof, you should be able to return to the same snapshot to add more comments. Additionally why can't you use an app like Go Full Page (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gofullpage-full-page-scre/fdpohaocaechififmbbbbbknoalclacl) to take a snapshot of the page and let everyone markup the same snapshot. 

2) in the same way, I would like there to be a way to choose to generate these snapshots on a first page of the interactive proof to serve as the historical version -- our use case is one-page web proofs so this would be ideal for us.


Why is this feature important to you -

"Feature parity" -- why did we think this was important for a static proof but not that important for an interactive proof?