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Collapsed view of tasks in Kanban board does not offer enough info


Level 3


Collapsed view of tasks on Kanban board does not offer enough information. Only shows task name. Issue - If you have several Search Results Banner tasks to design you will see a bunch of tasks that say Search Results Banner with no other information. You can’t tell which task goes with which project unless you add a bunch of information to the task name which clutters up the actual task. If you expand the card, the width of the card blows out the column (BUG previously mentioned). Right now, we have to add tons of information to the task name as a work around.



Level 10


This is really important! We can see so little in the collapsed view, it makes the kanban board difficult to use. For instance, you literally have to open every one to get information needed vs. having the option to display it on the card when it is collapsed. Use case, if we have cards that are blocked, we may skip over them. Today we cannot do that because we have to open each one to even see that it is blocked. We cannot at a glance see how many cards are actively being worked (In Progress less blocked cards). They all look the same.


Level 2


I agree, this is important to have! Our users would love to see more information in the collapsed view such as due date for example and status. Or maybe have it configurable to where we can add certain fields.

It would also be nice to have the option to collapse/expand all the cards if we wanted to.