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[CLOSED] - Default Time for Planned Completion Date


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This post has been closed as a duplicate. All votes have been moved to the original: DISABLE TIME PORTION OF DUE DATES (PROJECTS AND TASKS)

Currently when we set up a project that is set for "Planned Completion Date" it automatically makes it 9 AM. We like to set the last task to be = to the Planned Completion Date of the Project(normally its a task that is for deployment and has zero hours), but it will always make it one day before (or multiple if a weekend). So now our Project Managers have to go into the Project each time and change the time to 5PM or whatever and then it will allow the last task to finish the same day as the Project. Would be a nice thing to have this as an option in the Setup



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Having the time portion on tasks and projects is too granular for us. We focus on "end of business day" as the deadline, of the date requested. It'd be nice to have the ability to globally disable the time portion of tasks and projects.