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Changes to Layout Templates should not remove users' custom tabs


Level 10



One of our frustrations is that currently, users who have customised their tabs (either tab order or they have added custom tabs) lose these settings whenever a change is made to the Layout Template.

It would be best if changes to the Layout Template were applied separately to users' own customisations.

The way it is at the moment, it is a disincentive for users to customise their tabs if they keep losing changes.

Regards, David



Level 2


Upvoting, and promoting this in our local user group. I just updated our layout templates with one minor update, and had a FLOOD of requests to either re-add dashboards back to user's layout, or totally revert back.


Level 6


We run into this issue a lot with our users. We want to push out a layout to them but they also want the flexibility to customize their layout to their own preferences. Some users do customize their own layout, then when we make a change to the layout template, they lose all their customization's. We've either educated that they aren't to make changes because they may lose them or we've removed the layout template and given manual instruction. Neither is a great solution.

I'm not sure what the solution is here since the point of a layout template is to push changes automatically so the user doesn't have to do any extra work.

Maybe when the layout change is edited, notify the user (similar to how the my work/ home beta are working) of the changes and either allow them to accept the new layout or view what changed and they can add it on their own. OR find a way to push the change but not lose the customization's.