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Change the behavior of issue Recall


Level 3


I would like to propose changing the default functionality of recalling an issue or request that has a pending approval status. It would be even better to have the ability to customize the behavior at the system level, but any improvements would be appreciated.


In current state, when a user submits an issue or request that has an approval process, they have the ability to Recall the issue while it is still pending approval. When the Recall button/icon is selected the issue is deleted and sent to the recycle bin. Because these recalled issues are deleted, we are unable to keep a record of the need and users are unable to refer to the information that was included.


We find that users who need to recall an issue need to either cancel it due to some change, or they need to revise it before initiating approvals. In either case, we would like to retain a record of the recalled issue, as well as have the ability to copy or resubmit it. Ideally, we would have the option to customize the behavior of the Recall functionality at the system level. This would be similar to the functionality in approval processes that allow you to select a status for rejected work items, i.e. if rejected change to status XYZ. 


However, if the default functionality of Recall was to "revert to draft" rather than delete, we could easily create our own process to change the status manually.