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Carry over proof comments when a Request (Issue) is converted to Project


Level 3


Proof comments do not carry over when a Request (Issue) is converted to a Project. The comments still show up in the Document Updates, but the proof is empty-- it would be great to have these still show up within the Project Proof comments.



Level 10


According to the Proof product team this occurs when the original issue is kept. If the issue is not kept then the proof with comments comes across to the new project. I propose that this should be the case no matter the disposition of the issue.

"I hope you are having a great weekend! I was able to find an answer to why the proof was not being brought over from the request. I was able to find an article explaining that "Proofs are included only when the option Keep the original issue and tie its resolution to this task is unselected." I am going to go ahead and close this ticket out now. Please let me know if you have any questions."


Community Advisor


It would be great if this had a system level (or group level) setting so instances could choose what happens to the proof on issue conversion.


Level 2


Yes! It is really annoying to move it from the issue to the project after you convert it. You also then lose it with the original request when you move it so you don't have that history there. This is a MUST-have for me and my organization. We hate uploading marked-up PDFs, we would rather use the proofing in WF.




@LindsayBu We are working on a new, native review/approval experience directly within Workfront and this should be resolved as part of that effort.