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Capacity Planner - should only show projects with hours during the time frame selected


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When you look at the capacity planner in Workfront for any given time period (Week, Month or Quarter) and you expand an individual's section to see what projects they are working on, Workfront should only display projects with hours that were taking up that person's capacity during the time frame specified.

Instead, the current behavior is to show every project that person was ever assigned to, so there are a bunch of 0 hour projects to scroll through rather than just those that has either planned or actual hours during the time frame specified. I recently found out that the only way to eliminate those projects that are 0 hours (that may have completed years ago) is to filter, which makes no sense.

Why would the capacity planner show anything that isn't using up your resources? If there were no planned or actual hours allocated to an individual in that time period, why would the results be included as a default? This seems like a miss.

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We are hugely impacted by this. Our company is unable to see capacity at a role level due to the number of projects and tasks we have. WF resource planner generates 6 million rows of data to get the the 3000 rows of actual data that is not just 0. We have to divide up 1500 projects into groups of 100 and then have multiple extractions per job role to see the Role level capacity at the company level. This is not practice or scaleable as a capacity management tool.