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Calendars -- Ability to Use Custom Form Date Fields


Level 8


The calendars seem very limited in their options and therefore we haven't been able to use them effectively as everyone would like.

It would be great if they could be used in conjunction with date fields in the custom forms instead of just the built-in planned, actual, projected dates on projects, tasks, and issues.

For example, we have custom form field for date of deployment for our email marketing campaigns. It would great to have those feed into a calendar.



Level 2


This would be a great feature. We are still reliant on using excel for our editorial calendar because of this limitation. Very frustrating.


Level 3


This would be a huge benefit to us. I notice this is now very close to the 45 vote threshold. Let's hope we carry this one to 45!


Level 10


It would actually be good if you could use any date field and stick to it. Right now you can't even used Planned dates as they change to Actual dates once the project starts moving, so if someone doesn't click their "done" button correctly, the calendar becomes useless.


Level 1


Totally agree, and voting for this as well!

Currently with the calendar we can pull the dates when our teams work on projects (which helps with capacity planning), but we can't pull the campaign start and end dates, which would be critical for us to have for campaigns panning.



Level 10


What is the status of this? I check on these from time to time and on 10/11/18 I have a note that the status was "under consideration".