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Bulk Upload for Animated GIFs in Interactive Proof


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In marketing, we work with many files that are animated GIFs for motion in social media and paid media channels. When our teams need to review these files, it's very difficult now with only allowing individual GIFs to be reviewed as a single proof.

You should be allowed to upload multiple GIFs and create a single interactive proof where the GIFs are animated.

As it stands today, you must upload every individual GIF to see animation and it can create up to 20+ proofs for someone to review which isn't reasonable. Our teams end up not using the proofing for all animation because no one is going to review 20+ links when they can just open up the files on their computer instead.

This is the current rule in place:

  • You can combine GIF files; however, please note that animated GIFs will be processed as static and NOT interactive.

Future state:

  • You can combine GIF files; and animated GIFs will be processed as fully interactive proofs.


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I feel like the same could be said for all interactive elements. Bulk proofing just makes things so much easier on the end user and prevents things from being left out or missed and skipped over.


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This is exactly what we need in my Marketing Team, we have so much moving image/video that this isnt a nice to have, its a necessity in the marketplace.

Was there ever any progress made on this feature?


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This is the exact problem we have with our company which is causing delays and issues using the proofing tool. I know the proofing tool is constantly evolving, is this something that will be added in the future?