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Bugs != Ideas


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An idea != bug. One example (Of many) workfront doesn't actually process incoming emails every 5 minutes as it says in the ui. Sometimes it'll get incoming emails done in 5 minutes sometimes it takes 45 minutes. This was considered an idea and not a bug. To stay on the email subject, documents do not get uploaded from incoming emails. I have other instances of this, but bugs != ideas and should be handled differently in my opinion.



Level 5


I agree, we have several things that we've seen that are considered "enhancements" but are bugs. WF usually tells us that it's to design, even if the design is bad. Example: Report with a filter on project name, if you run the report and click the Show Filters button it shows the report is filtered on the ID, not the name.


Level 10


100% agree. Shortsighted design or deployment of functionality that would appear to the average user as being a "bug" garners the recommendation from support to submit an idea here. I find this incredibly frustrating. For example, support told us to submit an idea when we asked why it was impossible to create approval rules on group level statues (ie not system level statuses). It is quite amazing that this was by design as it definitely seemed like a bug. This process not only causes duplicated effort for the customer (explaining the issue in the support case, then reiterating on IE), but it also shifts the onus to the consumer instead Workfront to catalog their product's shortcomings from the initial customer feedback. Ultimately, it is a bad customer experience.


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I have been frustrated by this time and time again. Something is not functionally usable and you get the response it is working as designed.

I come from a systems development/technical background and understand that different users will have different opinions as to how certain functionality should work. I take that into account when making this comment.