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Bold, Color, Italics, Highlight, Underline Options on Custom Forms


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It would be wonderful to be able to bold, underline, color font, highlight, etc...on custom forms.



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Thanks so much Jeremy for the additional details. Glad to hear this upgrade is not considered "delivered." As others have stated, this is a big gap in functionality and is long overdue, so if I may provide some encouragement... please keep the foot on the gas and roll these additional updates out as quickly as you can. :) For my organization, the lack of customization to descriptive text fields (and other limitations of custom forms) is a major dissatisfier. Appreciate your work in this area and increasing transparency for us. Thanks!


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Hi Jeremy - thanks for the update!

Will there be a way to migrate values out of an existing text field and into the new RTE? I have ~250 projects live so moving them all manually is possible but will require a large amount of effort.





Thanks everyone. @Alex Berman - right now the answer is "no" unfortunately, but we are broadly evaluating options in this arena as well. Stay tuned for more updates!


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We could use this for a variety of things, specially, we have been asked by out editors to have color/highlight so they can highlight the new text within a larger piece of writing.


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I would also add strikethrough capabilities. Essentially as I'm typing this comment, the box that's made available here and the fonts, buttons, size, color, conditions, images, links, justification on the page, indent, etc etc... take this functionality and add it to the status update field throughout the application and especially on custom fields that involve free form text. With the new custom field that exists that does richer text, some of this is available today, but everything on this page when doing a comment is essential.... for my opinion :) in WF updates. I can get more engagement of the tool for sure with things like this.