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Boards: Display Each Task as One Card


Level 2



When filtering connected cards onto a Board, only tasks at the root level of a project appear. Sub-Tasks / Children tasks do not appear as a card on the board. To find sub-tasks you have to click into the Card to find its subtask. 


One problem with this current state: If you try to filter for all tasks assigned to a specific person or team, then the Board will NOT display any cards for sub-tasks assigned to that person or team. Those assignments have to made at the root level parent tasks which does not work for how our team organizes our tasks.   


We would like the option to have every task appear as their own card on the board. Being able to see all tasks as cards on a Board for a any given filter.  


How would you like the feature to work

Create a setting that users can toggle: Display all tasks as cards OR combine all subtasks into a single parent task Card.