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Better notification when someone on PTO


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When in the Tasks tab and your assigning a task to someone, if that user has PTO recorded in Workfront during the timeframe of that task, the only thing that displays is a yellow triangle next to the persons name that you have to hover your cursor over to read the message that the user is away during that timeframe. Can there be a pop-up instead as no one will read this message?



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When a user is out of office they should be able to set an auto reply to directed updates and in the reply be able to tag the user/team that is covering for them.


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We're using Workfront for scheduling and it includes PTO information. However, when users tag other users on an update, they don't usually check the PTO information but there's no bounce back to tell them that the user they've tagged is on PTO and then will keep waiting for a reply from the user. We need a bounce back message that ties with the PTO.


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Honestly I would prefer some sort of visual tied to the name (e.g. PTO people names are in red, or tagged with PTO at the end of their name). I get enough auto-emails as it is.


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Yes a visual indicator for internal staff when being tagged would work amazingly and solve a lot of comms issues we have. But for external- sending proofs or links on email from workfront, a bounce back or some indicator that workfront has received an out of office reply would actually allow us to use our integrated version of proof HQ better without having to use work arounds and duplicate our correspondence


Adding an "out of office" feature (pop-up, overlay, or email auto-reply) feels ESSENTIAL, especially since we're asking colleagues and partners to use Workfront as the primary form of communication about their requests and projects.


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I recommend a way for Workfront to receive automatic replies from Outlook.

USE CASE: A Workfront user (Person A) tries to contact another Workfront user (Person B) via tagging or adding to an approval Workflow. Unbeknownst to Person A, Person B is out of the office (vacation, illness, paternity/maternity leave). Person B has automatic replies set up in their email application.

Person A would like to receive Person B's Automatic Reply. Otherwise, they have no way to know that Person B is out of the office, and will not be responding to their Workfront note/approval.

ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA: Auto-Reply goes to Workfront user (Person A), not the generic Workfront account (noreply@attask.com)


  • We are not using any Outlook plug-ins.
  • Person B is usually a business user with a Reviewer/Request license. They are not managing a calendar within Workfront.


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We started using that calendar BUT it really messes with timelines so we had to stop. I wish we could do this suggest and delegate assignments too


The ability to have the Project Owner get a notification when someone is out of the office for any active tasks due that day would be great too!