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Better notification when someone on PTO


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When in the Tasks tab and your assigning a task to someone, if that user has PTO recorded in Workfront during the timeframe of that task, the only thing that displays is a yellow triangle next to the persons name that you have to hover your cursor over to read the message that the user is away during that timeframe. Can there be a pop-up instead as no one will read this message?



Agree - Our organization needs to be able to view the amount of time that is taken off the work schedule for (PTO, meetings, etc. )

For example: If a resource is normally available for 8hrs a day & they are coming in late that day due to a doctor's appointment and won't be available for 2hrs. We need the grey bar to indicate 2hrs of off time & the total number of scheduling hours be 6.

Can this change be implemented into the scheduling calendar in next update. Please advise.


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Unless I'm missing something, there doesn't seem to be a way to add PTO from the Home screen. It would be far more convenient to add time there, when you're already looking at your work, calendar, etc. as opposed to it being somewhat buried on your profile page.


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The ability to add an OOO to projects .

If a requestor / reviewer makes a comment or uploads a document to a project and the Planner isn’t in the office or able to access their account - it would be good for the reviewer know this. A bit like when you send an email and get a bounce back email ‚Äòsorry I am not in the office until next week’ that person will know that they either need to wait or contact someone else.

Think this would be realll handy to have :)


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Please add a notification to project owners when someone on their project inputs PTO that affects their tasks. Right now, you receive a notification while you are scheduling tasks, but once a task is scheduled on a project and someone inputs PTO, there is no way for the project owner to know their timeline is being affected, unless you run a report and check it daily. An email/Workfront notification would be best.