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Automatically updated status upon convert to project, and for approval processes, allow users to specify the status of approved requests


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We have following requests:

1. Automatically update status of requests/issues that have been converted to projects (such as ‚ÄòConverted’)

2. Allow users to specify status of requests that have been approved via the approval process not just the ones rejected

3. Prevent the ability to convert to project once a request has been rejected

Use Case 1:

When users convert a request to project, the status remains ‚ÄòNew’ and there is no visual differentiation between the requests that are converted and those that aren’t converted.

Use Case 2 and 3:

For requests that have to undergo an approval process, the system allows users to specify the status upon entry, and the status upon rejected. There should be a way for users to also specify those request status that have been approved.

This would provide a visual differentiation between the requests that are approved vs rejected. Once a request has been rejected, users should not be able to convert the request to a project

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My request is related to Case 1 given above. The fact that requests show as New once converted to a project makes a request queue difficult to manage. I don't understand why there isn't a filter or why once converted there isn't a different status, so they can at least be sorted separately.