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Attachment and Tagging Ability in Updates


Level 5


Please add a way to attach a screenshot or any file to an update. If you are referencing something in a comment, it would be helpful to have that file attached to the comment/update, rather than having to put the file in the Documents folder. Additionally, please add a feature where you can remove people from a thread. There are many times you are messaging someone in a thread, and want to keep that conversation relevant to the message right above or the original message, but you don't need all the original people that were tagged in the message. This would significantly decrease irrelevant notifications.



Level 3


It is annoying to have to click into the Documents and it gets convoluted because you can provide comments on a document (like and update for JUST the document) - but then you can also provide comments on the task for Just the task...it's a bad user experience I feel like


Level 1


Workfront recently (?) added the ability to attach graphic files to Updates, but not other file types. System administrators have to turn it on in system settings (note, once made available, it is available across the board to all users).

I agree with the previous commenter that it's inconvenient to upload to Documents; plus, that doesn't create any kind of 1:1 relationship with a specific/relevant Update comment. Upvoted (and shared with others on my team for upvoting)!