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Attach an approval flow to an Expense on the 'Expense' Tab


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Hi there,

To ensure more usage for Workfront, it would be a great idea to attach an approval flow to an expense type if finances are manageed via this tab.

This will also support our project and expense reporting.

Currently there are only approvals for projects and tasks.





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Currently the system allows for time to require approval by the project manager. We also need project expenses to be approved. How can we accomplish this. It would be great if time and expense were a consistent experience for the user.


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Upvoting this. Here's our use case.

We currently have an "Estimate Approval" task which contains a custom form and has a task approval attached.

We use this task to enter vendor cost information (such as printing estimates) into the custom form, then when the task is marked complete the approval goes to the project sponsor to approve those costs.

With the fabulous enhancements to layout templates in the New Experience, we've set up Task Approvals on Home to show some of the custom fields that are on the task custom form. This allows our business partners to see the vendor, cost, quantity, print specs, etc right on Home along with the Approve/Reject button. Everything in 1 place, it's glorious!

HOWEVER, we would like to start using the Expense feature on tasks along with an Expense custom form, so that any tasks with vendor costs on them can roll up to the project and we can see all the expenses and related details for that project with a View to show the custom form details as well (we sometimes have both print and translation costs on the same project but on separate tasks). Rolling multiple task expenses up to the project and creating that view... So far so good.

WHERE WE RUN INTO AN ISSUE is pulling those Expense custom form fields onto the Home > Task Approvals. Since there could potentially be multiple expenses on a single task, there's no way to indicate which expense's custom info to pull into Home for that task approval

THIS LEADS ME TO a need for Expense Approvals