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APPROVALS: Fix approval flow RESET problem


Level 6


Current Situation: All items in the approval flow fully reset to stage 1 if any modification to the approval rule is made (even if the modification does not invalidate the existing approval stages).

Example: Approval stage 3 is modified to add an additional approver. Even if only 1 approver is needed, all items at this stage or beyond, fully reset all the way back to stage 1, forcing previous approvers to re-approve again.

Desired Function: (see Request #1095835 for full discussion). Item within an approval flow only resets if a completed approval stage is actually invalidated, such as:

  • A person is added and all approval votes are required
  • The person who had approved was removed from the stage leaving no valid approval on a stage).

If a reset does happen, it only resets to the invalidated stage, not to the beginning.



Level 10


Would be so useful!

Yeah we came around this issue when taking off user from approval and swapping with someone new. Such a pain, especially if object was already approved by4 out of 5 users,and then needed to do it all over again..