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Apply a default view & grouping to a project


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I would like the ability to set a specific view and grouping as default on a project so that anyone who opens the project will see the preferred layout first. Then if they choose to manually change it, they can.

Right now it seems that views/filters/groupings are all applied per user based on whatever that users's last session was set to.



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To provide status to non-Workfront savvy folks, and to help sell more seats, we need a way to show people where the Project status is at, by "Sharing" a project with them. When they arrive, and are new to Workfront, they see one of the default views, and it's far from ideal.

Not sure why we're able to set a default view on some objects in a layout template, but not a project. So far I've linked a few potential Workfront users to my project, but when they arrive to a weird "spreadsheet" with column values that are not in context, it ruins the entire experience for both the Planner , and potential user.


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I want this too! There are several Ideas and Questions all revolving around this. We have grown our number of views that are relevant for specific projects and we are constantly reminding people to update their view in certain projects in order to put in correct task info (have custom form info brought into specific views). Really want to be able to set default views for projects that overrides the default set in layout templates if there is one specified.


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A default view (even grouping and filter) that you set within the deliverable settings in the setup menu would be great!


Less experienced users who aren't in Workfront all the time have an issue remembering to adjust filters/views/groupings. Besides projects that have a delivery component, we also use Workfront to manage personal and team goals, personal projects, etc. It would be nice to set a default view for everyone visiting a specific, personal project so that custom fields are automatically shown. 


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This would make a huge difference in my day-to-day experience in Workfront. I manage multiple projects with different requirements and priorities. Having to switch views every time I switch projects is a major annoyance for me who uses Workfront every day -- I can only imagine how confusing the experience may be for users who aren't in the system as much.