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Allow unlimited amount of custom quarters


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Currently in Setup -> Project Preferences -> Projects -> Custom Quarters, I am only able to specify 8 quarters. I would like the amount of quarters to be unlimited. Our instance has over 5 years of data, and if we do any trend reporting further back than 2 years, it shows "no value" for the quarter which is undesirable. We do have a custom calculated field for quarter, but it isn't perfect.



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This just needs to be unlimited/all. Especially for simple quarters/Fiscal Years like July 1 or Oct 1 start. I should be able to say my fiscal year starts on X date and have all my years/quarters report correctly. While still allowing for individually dated custom quarters for companies that use 13 week or other special quarters.


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Setting the fiscal schedule should be baked into the system calendar at the enterprise level (not knowing of any enterprises whose divisions operate on different schedules). Once the fiscal schedule is determined, then all reporting, views, etc. could report based on CY or FY.


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Or rather than unlimited, define them by day/month not year and then just have them repeat each year. e.g. Q1 is from 1st Nov - 30 Jan each year, Q2 is from 1st Feb - 30 Apr. For most, four recurring quarters would be all they need.


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It's surprising the functionality is there but they limit it to only 8 quarters. We're unable to use Workfront's default calendar year quarters because it does not match out Fiscal Year.


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Our company uses 12 periods (like Months) in a year so this would be VERY beneficial to us.

I have custom graphs built out and went to add P9 but it would only allow 8. Now I nave to create calculated fields to achieve this which can't be displayed on a graph in an hours report. Not sure what I'm gonna do yet.


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Yes please, WorkFront! Even if you can't do unlimited, please allow us to do way more than 8! This doesn't not help with our reporting, it's nice that we can customize our quarters but only allowing 8 quarters stifles us in using this feature.