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Allow to permanently set the width of columns in views visually, not only by using text mode


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Hi all,
at this time, it is possible to permanently set the width of columns in views only by switching to text mode, as stated in the documentation.

In my opinion it would be important to have the chance of make this setting visually: by switching to text mode it becomes much more difficult to modify other settings, and this is bad just for having to set the width of the column.
I think there are many scenarios in which columns could have widths set permanently, and we would like to avoid users continuously resize columns, especially when losing their settings by clearing cookies/local storage. or when resetting users.

To make matters even worse, the handle that allows to adjust/resize the column width is too small to be usable without pain, as user @MatthewMa2 properly explained in his idea. I agree that those handles should be at least twice the size to avoid people be frustrated misusing it, for example by clicking on the column heading and changing the order of the list instead of adjusting the column width.

Thanks in advance for your attention!



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I agree with this idea, however the site will not allow me to "like" it.  Column width design should be a simple task and is a very common need.  It would be a great improvement to draw it out of text mode and make a simple UI to control default widths


We often avoid setting width (when the would otherwise be desired) on columns with formatting rules, icons, or other complications because we know the needed switch to text mode across the entire report will complicate supporting the report in the future.


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Hi @MatthewMa2@CalvinFold@MarlaDr,
now it seems the Like button is active again, I wonder if you wish to like the post to have more chances of it being taken into consideration by Adobe. Thank you!



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Hello, I found the article of "View: permanently edit the width of a column" is only applicable to project column, but not applicable to a report column width, which in share column text mode. do you know how to adjust the width of report column? thanks!