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Allow for Custom Editing of Axis Labels in Reporting


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The current reporting feature simply uses the system field name for the Y axis. In some cases this causes it to display an incorrect axis title. For example, if I create a report to chart the average duration of an issue, the field I would need to use is Planned Duration in Minutes. The aggregate of this field is automatically displayed as days, yet the Y axis uses the field name and displays minutes. Obviously this is not only confusing, but completely wrong. The values being displayed are simply not in the correct unit of measure.

The simple fix for this would be to have the chart obey custom field names entered in either advanced or text mode.

Attached is a screen shot example of this in action. I am submitting this as a product improvement request, but I think this might just as easily be called a bug.



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The lack of this feature causes us to move away from Workfront reporting and creates a requirement for us to chart using a different system such as tableau or spotfire. It would be so much better if we could just change the X and Y axis labels so we can push reporting directly out of Workfront to Senior Leadership. At the moment, we cannot do this and this would be great to have leadership recognize the strength of Workfront. Bypassing Workfront means that our leaders are not recognizing that Workfront is producing this data...out of sight; out of mind.


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How is this not a more prioritized fix? We were sold on the reporting capabilities and now this is a BUST!! I mean it's 2021, first asked in 2017.... come on.


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Has this feature to change X and Y data in reports been implemented in Workfront yet?  I'm not seeing this functionality and I have a report I'd like to switch this around on.  Thanks!