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Allow Email Drag And Drop


Level 6


I'd like to be able to Add a "New Document" to a Project and have that "New Document" be an Email. There are times when we need to add a relevant email into a Project. And we'd like the full format and text of the email to remain intact.

Further, I'd like to be able to simply drag and drop the email into my Project Folder.

Yes, I realize we could open the email and save it, then drag and drop it from the Saved Folder

I'm looking to just drag and drop directly from my email.

Your thoughts?

Thank you!

Jay Schertzer



Level 4


It is a pain not being able to drag and drop emails/attachments from emails into WF. One of the main things about using WF was to cut down on our admin. As we have to save the emails/docs down before uploading them, it still takes extra time/effort....


Level 3


This would be a great feature to have. There are times when we have users not in Workfront or having issues with the platform that need to continue sending replies and updates. Dragging emails into Workfront would be very useful in these cases.


Level 6


For many email clients (like Outlook), this is an issue with them (and not Workfront). There are Outlook plugins that can make it work (at least for attachment drag and drop). I use a free/open source one: https://github.com/tonyfederer/OutlookFileDrag - though there are some paid solutions out there as well.

For other email clients, you'd have to search for a suitable solution (if it exists at all).