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Allow easier deletion of multiple stages when applying a workflow template


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Currently, there is only an option to delete a single proof stage when applying a workflow template to a proof. This is particularly annoying when converting an existing document into a proof and using the 'proof details' dialog box within Proof.

It would be great to have an option when deleting a 'parent' stage to delete all subsequent stages related to it. This would significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to remove multiple stages when an entire department or business unit is included in a workflow template, but doesn't need to be involved in a particular proof.

(This came about from an organisation with three stages per department, and 10 departments. Mapping out proofs that involve only department 1, department 1 &2, department 1&3, department 1,2 & 3 etc makes selecting the right template a nightmare. Trimming sometimes over 20 stages from a 'master' workflow is likewise problematic).