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Allow Delegated Tasks to Pull into Lists/Reports


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Description - Many of my users work their tasks off of custom lists/reports/dashboards and not the Worklist. Currently delegated tasks do not pull into any sort of task/assignment reports, so I fear that if tasks are delegated to a user working off such a list, the tasks may fall off their radar as they don't pull in where their other assigned tasks do. 


Why is this feature important to you - Need this to fully utilize the task delegation feature.


How would you like the feature to work - Fields would exist on task reports where you could pull in "tasks delegated to..." and it would reference user ID object. This would allow you to chose if you want delegated tasks to appear in a list or not. Even if they were a separate object report that would be ok! Just need some way to pull a them into a list.


PS this is also an issue with personal tasks, reoccurring tasks, along with these delegated tasks. Though these are called "tasks" they don't pull into reports or show on the workload balancer. Meaning that we really cannot utilize these features as we otherwise would.


Current Behavior - Delegated tasks do not function like regular tasks. You cannot pull a report of delegated tasks and they don't show in the workload balancer.



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Our team, along with many others, create dashboards to show users their tasks. This means few go to "the home/worklist" due to reasons - unfortunately this appears to be the only place where delegated work shows up. The ability to pull delegated work into a filtered task list is a must have for any team using delegations. This is a much needed feature.


lindselib - you can pull in personal tasks using a filter. Task >> Personal = True




This idea is currently being investigated by the Workfront Product Management team. An official response will be provided by the end of May. Thanks for your patience!


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Status changed to: Investigating




Hi @lindselib I would like to follow up on this item - could you please confirm if the issue you're still facing still exists? If so, could you please provide a screen recording that demonstrates the inability to pull delegated tasks into a task/assignment report?


Our team is not able to duplicate this in our internal systems, so any confirmation on this idea would be great! Thank you.