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Allow Administrators to set specific login error pages - help SSO users get to the right login after an error


Level 7


It would be great to allow administrators to set specific and unique error pages when a login error happens. I have two types of users in my system. Those who authenticate with SSO and those who do not and use the mydomain.my.workfront.com/login page to log in directly and manage their password. Unfortunately, any user who errors out of SSO authentication bounces to that /login page which then causes an error loop for many users who do not realize that they can't log in through that page with their SSO credentials.

It would be better if I could set a specific error page that directs them to help articles on how to resolve their SSO error and get to log in again rather than redirecting them to the /login page.

But I need to keep that /login page as the error page for my users who do NOT use SSO. I need both options available because I have two separate use cases here.