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Admin bility to allow for required comments on time entries


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Description - It would be great if you could turn on preferences to allow for time entries to require a comment.  This feature would be best utilized if you can diversify WHAT types of time entry require comments. As an example, certain hour types we create could require comments and others would not.  Or project owners could determine if comments on their projects are required or not and have the ability to turn that on at the project-level or even turn it on just for specific tasks.


Why is this feature important to you - We have certain scenarios where comments are required with no current way to actually force that requirement. It's a lot of admin/manual work to try to review project time entries to see where comments weren't added and trying to enforce this without some system tools to support it isn't really going to work well.


How would you like the feature to work - Allow for a preference that allows requiring comments on time entries within the preferences. Allow for further tools to get very specific about WHAT types of entries require comments.  When users log time, they'll need a prompt or something that tells them comments are required in order to submit their time and some sort of indicator to show where time entries do not have comments.  We follow a timesheet submission process so the submission would be the best place for us to see that forced requirement but other companies may just save time and want a different experience to require comments when saving. That's probably worth talking to your community about.  Allow for the ability to turn this on through hour types so the general hours added to a timesheet or special hour types added to a project could be set to require comments.  If possible allow a project owner to turn on this requirement for specific tasks/issues or for a whole project if they use the generic Project/Task/Issue hour types.


Current Behaviour - you cannot require comments on any time entries. It's always optional.

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