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Add "Run Typehaed As" feature to fully populate possible values


Community Advisor


We love the Typeahead fields and how quickly they've evolved to enable so many use cases.

One challenge we have is, we want any user in our organization to select a value from a list of certain projects in a request form. But, they cannot enter these project names in the Typeahead because they lack View access to the projects in question. The only way to enable those projects to be entered is to grant View access of these restricted projects to the entire org. We broadly and regularly share with the org that these projects exist (using Run Report As feature), but don't want to grant access to the actual projects.

I understand why Typeaheads work this way, doing their part to mask the existence of private projects, and I support that. But, similar to the many use cases in which one would "Run a Report As," we would want to "Run a Typeahead As" and allow users to view and enter project names, even when they don't have View access to the projects themselves.