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Add "Resolvable Object" for Project reports


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When an issue is resolved by a project, this field is easily identifiable when creating an issue report - it's called the "Resolving Object" (resolvingObj / resolvingObjID). However, I can't find the equivalent on a Project report. I have a Project report with many projects which resolve issues and I wish to display the resolvable issue, just like the resolving object is displayed when I add the column on an Issue report. Would you be so kind in showing me how to add this column?

P. S. I remember being able to add this column but I no longer find it. I believe I used the fields in the Rejection Issue table (I say this because I have an old Project report that has the column 'rejectionIssue:entryDate' and it used to show the resolvable issue's entry date but doesn't anymore). Were these fields deprecated?

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Hi Daniel, this text mode will display all the names of all issues resolved by a project:

displayname=Resolving issues