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Add "otherTeamIDs" as Filter option


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Description - Add "otherTeamIDs" as Filter option

Why is this feature important to you - Some of our reports need to be filtered to only show data from members who belong to a certain Team, which is not their home team. 

How would you like the feature to work - Similarly to the "otherGroupIDs" works; the only difference it would be for the Other Teams associated with a User's settings, rather than the Other Groups.

Current Behaviour - Only "Home Team ID" is available as a filter in reporting, several attempts have been made via text mode but there's not an optimal solution.


This new filter option would help solve for use cases like the one described below that I (currently) and AlDe (from 2018) are facing:

"When attempting to create an hours report, there is no filter option to include only those who are assigned to a team, which may not be the home team. As a result, each individual name must be entered on the report as filter. In the future, if there are changes to employees roles, the filter on the report would need to be maintained. If an option for "Other Team" is available, the report would continue to pull appropriate results as individual account settings are updated." - AlDe, 2018


(Recreating this idea to keep it fresh and will request to merge the idea ordinally posted in 2017.)

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