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Add More Issues Link at Bottom of Issues Tab - Allow us to hide this!


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We have a few standard Issues configured that we apply to our projects using the Queue Setup. These Issues use custom forms to ensure consistency in the data that needs to be provided, depending on the type selected. For example, in our case we have one for Action Items and one for Status Reports. When the user needs to provide either of these for a project, they simply navigate to the Issues tab, click the new issue button, and select they type of Issue that they need to add. After they select the type of issue, the appropriate form appears. This works great except when we get that one rogue resource that uses the "Add More Issues" link at the bottom of the Issue tab, instead of using the New Issue button located at the top of the Issues tab.

The "Add More Issues" link at the bottom of the page does not honor/recognize the Queue Topics that are available for use on the project. Only the "New Issues" button does.

It would be so helpful if we had the ability to hide the "Add More Issues" link at the bottom of the Issues tab, at least by Group or Project. It just creates confusion for the users and problems for reporting.



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Thanks for the comments on this. I noticed the vote count went down from 3 (when I posted my last comment) to 2.

Please note that if you vote on something and then you vote on it a second time, the vote count actually goes down by one, even though you click the arrow pointing up. If you are not sure whether you voted on something before or not, watch the vote total; if it goes down, you know that you already voted on it. If you click it again, it will go back up to where it was. It's buggy and I've mentioned it to Josh.

If you support this or any other id, please reach out to your Workfront System Admin, because they are the only ones that can add to the vote count. Thanks! :)




Hi All,

We are currently researching our options to introduce a setting to control the ability to inline add issues. In order to better align with your organisational needs, we would like to get your feedback. We would really appreciate if you could respond to this super short survey to give us better understanding around your expectations.

Thank you in advance.