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Add link to task custom forms on the Awaiting my approval home widget


Level 4


Description - From the Awaiting my approval widget there is no easy way to view the custom form view on a task approval. The user has to make several clicks to get to the form view and it is not ideal. The old experience had an option to view the tasks custom form right from the work list item. We would like to see this capability on the new home widget as well.

Why is this feature important to you - it will provide for the users a quicker way to access a task custom form for review and approval, Additionally making it easier for my users to adopt using the the new Home experience.

How would you like the feature to work - in the Awaiting my approval widget, a link or button should be added on a task approval that will take you directly to the form for reviewing and editing.

Current Behaviour - in the widget, the user has to make several clicks to get to the task form view and it is not ideal.