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Add Field for Days of Float or Slack So It Can Be Added to a View


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My proposal is to display enable a field to display the days of float (also known as slack) for any task based on the projected dates. That field could then be added to a column within a view.

I have a project with ~500 tasks, everything is linked using proper predecessor relationships, and there are several parallel paths that are very close to the critical path. In fact the critical path changes between 4 different threads depending on what is delayed. I need a way to see how close any given task or thread is getting based on the updates.

The software has to calculate the days of float, since by definition, the critical path consists of tasks with 0 float. All I'm requesting is a way to display the information that should already be calculated.

The slack date is a cumbersome way to track how close a project thread is to the critical path and it doesn't calculate correctly today. (See another idea to fix the calculation.)

This is basic functionality in the most common project management software packages.