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Add a third grouping to matrix reports


Level 5


Currently, it looks like we can only have 2 groupings.



Level 4


Agree. That would be helpful.

I also noticed that if we want to use status values across, the statuses are ordered alphabetically based on, I think, their 3 letter code. We added numbers to them to see if that would allow us to see them in order but that didn't work. :(




Hi @MichelleFr ,

Thank you for the idea. I'm working with Jonathan Chen to get updates on the top ideas that haven't had any recent updates.

I work in the Product Management team. I checked with Ben Robbins. He is one of the Group Product Managers. Here is his response for this idea:

"All new enhancements for reports are on hold, while we wait for the new reporting to come to life. We suspect a new series of requests will bubble to the top once users adopt the new experience."