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Add a Template Even if Stages are Empty


Level 2


I am having to add a template to proofs 2-10 times a day BUT, the only way I can do this is to download the files then create a new version and then add the workflow. Would love to be able just add the workflow using the already existing feature BUT it won't work because there are empty stages that I have to add specific individuals into.



Level 4


Hi All,

I totally support Jennifer for her idea and request for improvement of Proof Templates. Just think for a moment, a template is supposed to have generic roles and components that could be leveraged across many digital proofs and projects. Adding specific user names/emails to template stages is no bueno! Workfront - Please take this improvement in the next round of reviews and decisions on your end. Adding roles to stages would resolve this challenge. Fully support this idea for design and development in the next Workfront release. Grazie!