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Active approval processes edited by global approval process changes


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Currently if you have Approval process "A" and it is actively being used in a issue approval and you edit the Global Approval Process "A" and make a change to any of the stages it resets the approvals for that stage. I.e. Person 1 approved but after the reset Person 1's approval is not showing. Here is the WF support article that explains it better than I. https://experience.workfront.com/s/article/Creating-Approval-Processes-1001577410#modifying-an-exist...

The purposed idea is to NOT have changes applied to active or previous uses of that particular approval processes. Similar to how if you make a change to a project template it doesn't affect all of the projects that use that project template.



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I agree and have posted this issue:

When we edit any of our preset approval workflows that have 4-6 stages of healthplan approvals by state all in process workflows revert back to Stage 1 and frustrates and increases the workload of the healthplans as many have already given their approvals at various stages.

From a user experience standpoint, this is less than ideal functionality. We have scores of workflows running at any given time. If there’s a change in staffing, that means multiple workflows are reset and have to be manually restarted, causing problems for both the approving authorities that have already signed off on those tasks and the project management staff who have to wade through all the projects to find which ones need to be manually put back on the approval step they were on before the change took place.

I don’t see how that qualifies as “working as intended.” And our team being aware of this functionality isn’t necessarily helpful because there’s nothing we can do to circumvent the problem, which only increases workload on our end. If WorkFront as a whole is designed to make project management easier, this particular functionality makes our jobs harder.