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Access to Utilization/Planner data for report building


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The information in the Planner and in the Utilization reporting need to be exposed so they can be brought into reports admins/plan license users create in Workfront. Being able to pull from and customize what's being displayed so you can build accessible reports that you can expose to larger audiences would be great as this data is extremely pertinent to larger audiences but is locked down accessibility wise due to restrictions on who has access to run the reports.

A good first step would be to at least allow for embedding Utilization & Planner reporting into Dashboards to share more widely. The current ability to embed Planner data for USERS is nice but I also see a need to open that up to create custom dashboards that allow for reporting on JOB ROLES as my company (and I assume others) set up plans with assumptions of hours by job roles that we do not immediately fulfill. There's no easy way to expose this data to other users who would just be consumers.

This other ticket makes the request to embed these reports standard in Portfolios & Programs and that alone might solve part of this issue so you can at least get aggregate pictures at those levels. It would still be a long-term requirement in my mind that this reporting data is somehow democratized more than it is right now. https://support.workfront.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360028951534-Reporting-improvement-RM-reports...