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Access Level settings: Extend "People in other companies should only view users from..." to people who are members of the same team / group, no matter which company


Level 9


Description - As far as I understand in the settings for an access level, I can restrict if users can only see other users from their company and additionally from the primary company. I would like to have the possibility to restrict users to see users from their company and other users, who are als members of any team / group these users are in.

Why is this feature important to you - Users of companies other than the main company should be able to interact with users of other companies, but only with users with whom they have a specific defined connection.

How would you like the feature to work - A third option under People in other companies should only view users from..., meaning "Groups / Teams they are also members of".

Current Behaviour - Currently if the option Their Company is activated, only users of their company are visible. Setting the option The Primary Company extends this functionality to all users of the primary company.