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Ability to upload multiple video Proofs for short web advertisement animations


Level 3


Currently we have an inhouse design team utilizing Proof to get approvals on animated web advertising. However, these ads have to be built at several unique sizes and all of them need signed off on. Since the only way for the approvers to see the animations is through a video proof, the designers are forced to upload all these sizes one at a time. This is making the tool more time consuming for them and also more frustrating for the approvers who have to open all these separate proofs for these very small, very similar pieces of art. Any way to address this would be appreciated.



Level 2


Can this be combined with: Create a Proof by combining multiple .MOV FILES?

Two of my clients - Hasbro and Mattel - Need to be able to add multiple short videos to a Proof. They are usually less than 30sec long and multiple proofs is annoying the teams.


Level 2


Yes - our studio has this exact same need at Dell Technologies. They need to upload multiple videos at one time and combine as a single proof and receive a single decision. Hoping this will be possible in the future. Anyone else need this?