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Ability to submit tasks in a request queue, not just issues


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This one is the bane of my existence as a creative traffic manager. I understand that submitting issues is legacy core coding from when Workfront was created as IT software before marketing project management was added, but Issues are absolutely meaningless to marketing teams. Converting them to tasks just means there's a massive loss of functionality and history on every submission.



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This would be the most time-saving change you could make for our users. Because all of our projects are managed by our video production, social media and creative services teams our projects all need to be organized with a parent/child structure. Between the three departments we can average up to 30 new requests per day - even more during peak season. The amount of time that could be saved if the project managers simply had to move and assign the task instead of needing to convert it would be life-changing for us. It would also eliminate confusion on the end of requestors who don't understand (or care about) the difference between a task and and issue. They just know that they asked for something and want to know where to find it.