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Ability to report on the "Shared With" column


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It would be really helpful to be able to run a report on a project's "Shared With" column. We need to ensure specific users ALWAYS have at least view access. It would be great if we can also report on what level of access the user, team or group has as well (view, contribute manage).

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I know this post is about two years old - but I've recently run into generally the same need: To have a report that shows projects to which a specific Team (or the members of that team) do not have access. In my environment, there are two ways that members of this team should be given access to projects: Through inherited permissions or, if inherited permissions were removed, by granting the team explicit permission through project sharing. I figured a simple AND statement would suffice. Show me projects where 1.) Inherited Permissions were removed AND 2.) this team does not exist on the Shared With list.

After my failed attempts, I contacted Workfront Support and they informed me that 1.) that there's really no clean way to report on which projects have had their inherited permissions removed and 2.) "As for the Sharing with a Particular team, you cannot filter by this field but you are able to add it as a Column so if you ran a generic Project Report and added the Project:Shared With column you could then export the data and use Excel to get specifics on who has access to what Project. "

So I've upvoted your suggestion and head back to the drawing board. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has any ideas.