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Ability to opt out of Adobe Unified Experience for Workfront


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"Accessing Workfront through Adobe Experience Cloud gives you a seamless, unified experience for managing all of your Adobe applications. Single identity management gives you one place to log in, without multiple URLs or login IDs."


This update that was rolled back yesterday seems like it will be happening again soon. The "new Workfront experience" as well as this added toolbar takes up so much screen real estate that it makes a second monitor a necessity to use Workfront. Our users are all comfortable to continue to use multiple tabs/windows to switch between other Adobe products that we have. 




When this was rolled out yesterday, many users directed complaints to our admin team. 





Thanks, @user23456 for posting and contributing feedback like this. Your assumption is correct; we don’t have any hard cutover deadlines right now, but we’re hoping to get all customers moved over to Adobe Unified Experience in the next 18 months. Also, we do have additional usability enhancements on our roadmap that will address known collisions between toolbars and provide a smoother experience overall. If you're able and willing to share more detail about other specific complaints from your users, I am happy to hear it. Feel free to send me a direct message here in the community. Every bit of feedback is not only reviewed by our team but also helps nudge us closer to a state that will provide the community the most value.


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  1. Is it going to be possible to separate Workfront from an existing Adobe Creative Suite license? We don't need the two interacting with each other and the licenses are owned managed by different teams. The WF team doesn't want to manage or deal with the Creative team's license, or vice versa.
  2. Does that mean every Workfront user will become an Adobe user? Is this automatic or require two sets of setup? The vast majority of our WF users do not care if Adobe or Ringling Bros. created the app and have no need of a "unified experience" since it is only one app.
  3. Many of our WF users may have their own, separate Adobe licenses. How does that affect them…it's our WF instance, and their Adobe app, and the two have zero to do with each other and should have separate credentials.
  4. Direct SSO to the Experience vs. directly to the app is going to cause resistance in our IT department. Especially since IT doesn't manage the license and they prefer to open SSO to very specific subsets of users, not to "all Adobe users." How is this being dealt with? Feels like Adobe is getting a little presumptuous about telling another corporate IT department how it should do things.




@CalvinFold - thanks for the questions. 

1. Licensing is complex and isn't just folded into one license deal per customer; really depends on contracts - there may be different IMS orgs, depending on how each is set up at each customer level. Customers may request that their Workfront instance be provisioned in a separate Admin Console from their Creative Suite. 

2. Yes, all Workfront customers are now Adobe customers, and so their users will access the Workfront application as an Adobe user. They will access just the applications they have purchased and have been permissioned for. If it is only Workfront, then within Adobe Experience Cloud, the user will just have access to Workfront, which has its new URL: https://experience.adobe.com/workfront

3. This is again a question on how licenses and logins work. In essence, each login is associated with access - whether customer org, business profiles, or personal IDs to access Creative Cloud personally. A user's Adobe ID can be added to any number of licenses, so essentially login and license are separate but related. This is a good Experience League area to start: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/core-services/interface/administration/admin-getting-started....

4. Again, control of licenses doesn't change, it just means that all users who have access via a Workfront license, will use their SSO to access Workfront within Adobe. If you, or your IT team, would like more detailed information here are a few articles:  https://helpx.adobe.com/enterprise/using/sso-setup-azure.html; https://helpx.adobe.com/enterprise/using/add-azure-sync.htmlhttps://helpx.adobe.com/enterprise/using/setup-sso-google.htmlhttps://helpx.adobe.com/sign/using/enable-saml-single-sign-on.html