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Ability to delete and/or update user email address in Workfront/Admin Console



If a user is added to Workfront with the wrong email address OR their email address changes, it would be ideal to be able to delete the user OR update the users email address. Right now that is not possible if your organization has been connected to the Admin Console. 



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Hello Susan,


as soon as your Workfront instances have been migrated to the Adobe Admin Console, the user management has to be done there. 

Unfortunately the possibilities to edit users seem to be a bit more limited using the console, instead of the capabilities before directly in Workfront.


But I think you will be able to modify an email address using the option Edit user details by CSV.

I would suggest to download a template first and try around with a single user.








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@Susan_Hart_DeltaDental If the CSV method suggested by @lgaertner doesn't work for you, please try the following steps:

  1. In Workfront, deactivate the respective user.
  2. Change their email ID in through Workfront itself.
  3. Reactivate the user again in Workfront.
  4. What this will do is create a new user account in the Admin Console with the correct email ID.

This solution was provided to me by Kerry Nelson and Annapurna Singh on the Adobe Enterprise Support Team.



Hello Lars and Phillip, 
I do not have system admin rights within the Admin Console. I cannot remember the different access options that are assigned, however I can only add and remove products from users, I cannot edit user details. Due to this, I tried Phillip's option and was successful. Thank you both!