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Ability to convert the field type to another field type


Level 10


give the ability to convert a field type to another field type for example, If I create fieldabc as a radio button, then later realize that I need fieldabc to be a check box list, as it is designed, I have to create a new field, manually populate the data into it, then delete the radio button field. It would be great if I could convert it and then show a mapping of the selections so that the current data is transferred with the creation.



Level 3


I'm excited to announce that this capability will be released soon! You can expect to find this enhancement available in your Preview account on Friday, August 9th. The plan is then to make it available in Production on Friday, August 30th.

You will be able to find a short demo video along with a link to documentation here: https://workfront.com/release. The video and documentation will be updated approximately 1 day before the Preview availability date.

Thank you,

Josh Hardman

Product Manager, Workfront


Level 9


Not something I would need to do often. BUT A HUGE WIN and actually with the ability to do it, I might make some changes with users who I have told no to in the past. I assume the data captured prior will remain in the table for reporting?